Widget is the dwarf leader and final boss in Overlord: Dark Legend.

In the game, Widget is dating Gerda, the Overlord's older sister, and is killed by the Overlord when his machine explodes. The Overlord killed him to initiate the war between the elves and the dwarves. Upon his death, Gerda mistakes the disguised minions as elves and declares war on the elves.

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other dwarves, who all speak in a stereotypical Scottish accent, Widget's accent is more Irish.
  • His armored machine parts look very similar to Rollie's parts, except they are built differntly, meaning that Rollie could have been a rebuilt of Wigit's machine that then got handed down or givin to Goldo Golderson. Excluding the Drill which Gerda used in the war.

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