War of the Glorious Empire
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The Netherworld Tower, Nordberg, Everlight, Empire Heartlands, Wasteland, Wasteland Sanctuary, Empire City.

  • Fourth Overlord victory
  • Destruction of the Glorious Empire and Elven Resistance and the remains are assimilated by the Fourth Overlord's empire.
  • Fourth Overlord reigns supreme.

  • Revolutionary People's Republic†

  • Other independent human groups and kingdoms†
  • Mayor of Nordberg Town†

  • Revolutionary leader†

  • Other human leaders†
  • First battle of Nordberg Town
  • Battle of the Hunting Grounds
  • Second battle of Nordberg Town
  • Battle of Nordhaven
  • First Battle of the Everlight Reef
  • Second Battle of the Everlight Reef
  • First Battle of Everlight Town
  • Battle of the Empire Harbor
  • Battle of the Empire Arena
  • Battle of the Wasteland Sanctuary
  • Second Battle of Everlight Town
  • Battle of the Three Hills
  • Sack of Empire City

The War of the Glorious Empire was a period in the history of the World, lasting almost two decades, when the Glorious Empire was expanding as it sought to bring all human kindoms and territories of the world under the control of a single ruler, Emperor Solarius, and exterminate all the magical creatures in existence. This period is considered by the people of the Glorious Empire as a golden age for all mankind (at least before the Fourth Overlord joined the battle), while for all the magical creatures and independent human factions in the world this was considered a dark age of repression, war and genocide. The war ended with the Sack of Empire City, the death of emperor Solarius by the hand of the Fourth Overlord and the disband of the Elven Resistance. The last period of the conflict is shown in the game Overlord II.