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"Those heroes, yuck, they couldn't put an Evil outfit together if their lives depended on it!"

Velvet is the second mistress encountered in Overlord. She is the younger of the two daughters of the Wizard. When the player meets Velvet, her sister Rose is present and the player must then choose which sister they wish to have as their mistress.

History Edit

Her history before the Overlord met her is unknown, but she was going to marry Sir William the Black, but the Wizard (possesed by the Second Overlord) corrupted Sir William into cancelling his wedding for a Succubus Queen, and in response, Velvet refused to give back to Goldo Golderson her wedding gift locked in her bedroom. When the Overlord defeated Sir William, Velvet tried to seduce him into bringing her to the dark tower with her bed, but it's up to the player to choose to dump Rose for Velvet for true evil, or keep Rose for a slight corruption redemption. If the player chooses Velvet, it will be Rose that helps the Second Overlord to get to the Dark Tower, and Velvet the one that damages the Tower Heart to make it easier for you to defeat the Wizard. After the Wizard's defeat, Velvet will be shown lying on her bed in the Dark Tower, along with many minion guards and torture cages around her room with screaming peasants.


Velvet and Sir William's poster of marriage.

Overlord:Raising HellEdit

After defeating the Forgotten God, if Velvet is the Overlord's Mistress, after Gnarl and the Minions mourn the disappearance of the Overlord, she will be shown to be pregnant, indicating a successor for the Third Overlord. Some time later, the child disappeared, most probably with Velvet. The most likely explanation is that she somehow knew that the Cataclysm was going to occur beforehand--possibly from learning of the alliance between Rose and Florian Greenheart.

Overlord IIEdit

Velvet's fate is unknown, she doesn't appear or mentioned in Overlord II. Her upgrades are seen on the ruins of the Tower in the wasteland, hinting that she's the real mother.

Dark Tower Upgrades Edit

Velvet's tower upgrades differ from Rose's,are more expensive and make the Dark Tower a creepier, more evil place more fit for a evil Overlord.

Tower Upgrade Cost Tower Upgrade Cost
Rag Banner 10 Drapes 750
Skull Banner 10 Ancient Statues 750
Serpent Banner 10 Green Minion upgrade 5000
Buttress Fang Spikes 500 Red Minion upgrade 5000
Fang Top 500 Black Marble Walkway 1500
Skull Fire Bowl 500 Greater Throne of Darkness 2000
Black Carpet 500 Golden Dogs of Hell Statues 2000
Throne of Darkness 750 Grand Skull Fire Bowl 1500
Demon Statues 500 Golden Demon Statues 1500
Dogs of Hell Statues 750 Obsidian Spikes 1500
Chandeliers 3000 Banquet Hall 750
Parlor Table 750 Greater Fang Top 1500
Total gold: 33000

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Description Edit

Velvet seems to like more chaotic evil than her sister, and she's quite materialistic, her body is more voluptuous than Rose and more lustful. Her sister Rose says that she's a manipulator and gets in trouble quickly, but that seems to be proven wrong if the player chooses Velvet instead of Rose; Rose being the one who gets manipulated by the Wizard. Velvet stays loyal, damaging the tower heart, and she seems to like more a corrupted overlord. She hates the slugs from the Golden hills, saying that they are more disgusting than Gnarl. She likes to dress with dark colors, the opposite of Rose that likes to use more bright colors.

Quotations Edit

  • "Mmm, the obvious choice; better pack your bags sister."' Velvet gets chosen over Rose.
  • "Darling! We're going to have such fun!"
  • "You, me, a few helpless prisoners. It's going to be so romantic!" — Velvet, after becoming mistress.
  • "Those heroes, yuck, they couldn't put an Evil outfit together if their lives depended on it!"
  • "Oh Sire, you know I've always had a thing for bad boys." If the Overlord has more than 50% of corruption
  • "Ewww, my sister's been here, oh well... Do you have any disinfectant?" — Visiting the bedroom.
  • "You're definitely getting the right look, Lord. Evil is the new black!"
  • "Big and Evil, I love it! Corruption looks good on you." — If the Overlord has 50% or more Corruption
  • "I think your Pixies need some kind of visual motif, something eye-catching. Any black lace around here?"
  • "Please don't get any blood on my clothes,darling,you are being a bit messy" If the Overlord has 50% or more Corruption
  • "Oh my!Look how evil you become!Do you want to stretch me on the rack for a bit?" Same as above
  • "There's always time to do a bit of shopping, Master. Even Evil needs time off."
  • "Darling shouldn't you be off finding me shiny things?" — Overlord in Throne Room for too long.
  • "I'm getting bored just watching you, get out there and do some Evil, darling!"---- same as above
  • "I don't like that Jewel... kill her and bring me her shiny things!" — Velvet on Jewel.
  • "That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Gnarl!"
    "Oh thank you, Mistress!" — Velvet comments on slugs in the Golden Hills, Gnarl is unphased.
  • "Get that gold back darling Lord, and buy me some pretty things!" — Velvet about the gold hidden in the Glitering Mine.
  • "Beer, fight... beer, fight, Dwarves just have no class, Master. Make those cloddish oafs eat their own beards!"
  • "And they'll be all over my things with their drunken paws!" — The Overlord retrieves the dwarven Beer Kettle for the minions.
  • "That's what's producing those things? I can't look! Hit it, hit it until it stops! Yuck!" — Velvet hates slugs and the Mother Slug from the Arcanium Mine.
  • "He looks like father, I think that's a sufficient reason to kill him"  — Velvet comments on the Possessed Wizard in the Burrows.
  • "If you beat him, I'm all yours. If you lose... Well, don't offend yourself if i do something else. Velvet 'encourages' the Third Overlord to win the battle against the wizard.
  • "I don't like losers, darling, so hurry and try to win." — same as above.
  • "Don't be hard with Gnarl, that pathetic beast did only his job." — Velvet commenting on Gnarl betraying the Overlord.
  • "You'll be sorry. She'll nag you to death!" When the Overlord Chooses Rose over Velvet.

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