See these:
Florian Greenheart CG Model

Florian Greenheart,Queen Fay"s loyal lieutenant and Great Emperor Solarius

Fairy-CG Model

A Fairy CG Model,showing front and back view

Juno CG Model

A CG Model for Mistress Juno

Kelda CG Model

A CG Model for Mistress Kelda

Queen Fay CG Model

A CG Model for Queen Fay.

Elven Architecture

A CG Model for the majestic elven architecture-Houses like this,can be found only in Everlight Town

Empire Slave CG Model

A CG Model,showing a fat empire slave

Elven Priestess CG Model

CG Model.showing these fat elves.

Emperor Solarius CG Model

The Great Emperor Solarius"s CG Model

Nordberg Governor CG Model

CG Model for the greedy governor of Nordberg

Empire Spokesman CG Model

A CG Model for the Emperor"s most loyal spokesman Marius

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