The Tyranny Rating is the game mechanic in Overlord II that represents the player's alignment.

Listed below are decisions that affect it. Destruction is by far easier than domination. Those who choose destruction will be better at destroying things, and domination will make you better at enslaving weak-minded individuals.

Note: The killing of 1000 gnomes and the killing 100 seals do count towards tyranny.

Gaining complete mastery of Domination or Destruction does not seem to have a notable effect, possibly makes the spells slightly stronger.

OL2 Icon Tyranny Domination Domination Edit

Enslave people instead of killing them. This will make them help you rather than run away.

These are the decisions for domination:

  • Enslave Borius instead of killing him.

    The domination of an Imperial Citizen.

Note: enslaving all 100 population from Nordberg and/or Everlight causes the sky to become blood red.

OL2 Icon Tyranny Destruction Destruction Edit

Kill people instead of enslaving them.


A total destruction in Empire City.

These are the decisions for destruction:

Note: killing all 100 population from Nordberg and/or Everlight causes the sky to become a peachy-orange.

Equivalent Edit

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