The Seven Heroes are a group of heroes united by the The Wizard in a mission to purge evil from the World, and they are who went after the Second Overlord and are responsible for his assumed death. There was an 8th Hero among them, but he was badly injured in the Dark Tower, whilst fighting the Second Overlord. After the Overlord's demise the Seven Heroes scavenged the Dark Tower, (Goldo took the Arcanium Smelter, Sir William the Durium Smelter, Melvin the Tower Heart and the Steel Smelter, Jewel possibly took all the Tower's gold and the others took the minor relics like spells and upgrades) and returned to their respective lands and gained praise from the citizens. Unfortunately the Wizard, who had actually been possessed by the Second Overlord's spirit convinced them to each follow one of the deadly sins following their triumph.

The Seven Heroes are (including the 8th):

Tower Memory Edit

The Wizard (aka the Second Overlord) replays the moment of the Third Overlord's death using the Tower Heart, and how the so-called friends of the 8th Hero simply left him for dead.

The Wizard(possessed by the Second Overlord)
"The Tower remembers. It has absorbed their whinings... their betrayal of you, listen to them!"
Sir William
"Is he dead? Surely no one could have survived that fall!"
"We must help him! He fought beside us. There may still be a chance."
"No! We gotta go, take what we can and get outta here!"
Sir William
"He's right. We've vanquished the Evil. He has earned his rest. Leave him!"
The Wizard
"Then my Minions found you, healed you; made you ready to become my successor... temporarily!"

Trivia Edit

  • The group is a blatant parody of the traditional adventure party of most classical role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. They might happen to be a parody of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Gallery Edit

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