Very little is known about the Paladins, if anything at all. Sir William the Black is said to be a member of their order.

Based on dialogue with the peasants, the Paladins can be assumed to be an order of knights sworn to protect and serve the people. Sir William is said to have "forgotten the code of the Paladins", which is quite obvious to see, abandoning the citizens of Heaven's Peak when they need him most.

After the end of Overlord II, during Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, the Shining Justice army employs new Paladins, especially during his crusades against evil, as the mentor of Malady, Grimora, or Cryos family. The Paladins of the Shining Justice are similar to the Fallen Knight of the first game. They are larger than normal humans and carry large shields in addition to their weapon, a sword or mace.
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