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An overview of the games in The Overlord Series.

Overlord Edit

Overlord PC PEGI Box Art


The first Overlord game, centred on the Third Overlord.

Main Article: Overlord

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

OLRH PS3 Box Art

Overlord: Raising Hell

The expansion to Overlord where literally all hell breaks loose. Continues the adventure of the Third Overlord.

Main Article: Overlord: Raising Hell

Overlord II Edit

Overlord 2

Overlord II

The sequel to Overlord bringing the series to the next level. The all-new story centers on the Fourth Overlord.

Main Article: Overlord II

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

Overlord Dark Legend PEGI Box Art

Overlord: Dark Legend

Continuation of Overlord, exclusive for the Wii, featuring a new story centered on the First Overlord.

Main Article: Overlord: Dark Legend

Overlord: Minions Edit

Overlord Minions PEGI Box Art

Overlord: Minions

Taking place in the Overlord universe, this game is exclusive to the Nintendo DS. The Overlord controls — from afar — an elite group of minions through various new adventures.

Main Article: Overlord: Minions

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Edit

Overlord Fellowship of Evil

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Taking place after the events of Overlord II, Gnarl assembles a group of Netherghuls who must pass various Trials of Evil to decide who will become the new Overlord.

Main Article: Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

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