The Black Baron was the First Overlord's uncle. He ruled almost all of Greenvale, and can be considered the predecessor of the First Overlord. There is some speculation that he is the very "first" Overlord.

History Edit

However, since his demise, the family had locked away anything connected to him in an attempt to forget the family shame, while those who remember the Black Baron speak of him in hushed tones. At least he knew that in order to be worshiped a ruler needs to make sure his people do not starve and the land is free from beasts. Otherwise, there are no worshipers.

Personality and Traits Edit

Due to the comments of the villagers of Meadowsweet, the Baron must have enslaved the whole village, yet was such a great leader that the villagers' only problem was their enslavement.

Trivia Edit

  • During the ending of Overlord: Dark Legend, the portrait used for the Black Baron is the early promotional concept artwork of the third Overlord. There is also gameplay of the Black Baron and screenshots of him in the files but there is no way to access the gameplay.

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