Succubus Zombies were once men; peasants, and warriors alike, though now they are nothing more than animated corpses. The good news is that these zombies can not turn you or your minions into a zombie if they bite you. The bad news is that just like regular zombies they have taste for the flesh, blood, organs, and brains of the living. They were made by a plague that the Succubus Queen created and spread to have a little fun. In small groups they are easy enough to kill but they usually come in large groups. While the larger groups are harder to kill, simple minion control is really all you need. Send in your Browns to start fighting, put your Reds and Blues on a marker behind you but close enough to grab fallen minions and torch zombies and then sweep your Greens behind them and onto their backs. Your minions can equip their arms as a weapon and with the masses of zombies you are required to kill, it is extremely easy to get an entire army with zombie arms.

Enemies Edit

Zombie Edit


These Zombies are coming truly in giant groups.

These are your average everyday zombies. They come at you in large groups and just mindlessly march towards their doom at your hands. They are very easy to kill unless your army consists of no Browns or Greens and just Blues (an army comes after you in the water before you get into the Heaven's Peak sewers). When these zombies attack you either run right past them and into the sewers or lead them back to land where you have a bunch of Browns waiting to slaughter them.

Zombie lord

Zombie Lord

Zombie Lord Edit

These are the zombie lieutenants, armed with massive blades for melee attacks and capable to release powerful magic blasts as ranged attacks. They are always in pairs and are strategically placed on hills or any type of heights.

Zombie venom 2

Venemous Zombie

Venemous Zombie Edit

There are only two in the whole Heaven's Peak. They are located in a hidden area in the graveyard near the first tower gate of Heaven's Peak, behind a cloud of poisonous gas. They are just as frail as regular zombies just with the capacity to poison their attackers.

Zombie lord 3

Zombie Commander

Zombie Commander Edit

These are the smarter zombies that control and summon regular zombies. Gnarl comments on how it looks like they have been "munching on a few military brains." Before you can get the Durium smelter you must defeat three of these commanders. They drop red Lifeforce and are just as frail as regular zombies just harder to get to. Their only special qualities are that they can summon other zombies, and are immune to Red's fire attack. They can be quickly defeated by Blues.

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