Species Identity Crisis

The Empire Soldier Maximus shows for the first time Species Identity Crisis.

Species Identity Crisis (SIC) is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is heavily exposed to the energies emanating from a magical artifact, like a Spell Stone. This disorder seems to affect only humans and its main symptom is the delusional belief of being a magical creature.


It's not known when this disorder was discovered for the first time, but it's known that its spread became pandemic among the Glorious Empire's soldiers during their massive genocidal campaign against magic creatures and the Elven Resistance, thus becoming a public domain problem.

The Fourth Overlord was able to observe this disorder for the first time during his first visit to the Nordberg Sanctuary, when he met an Empire Soldier named Maximus, who was nonsensically talking about being actually a fairy named Miss Trixiebelle Buttercup Fairy and having a mushroom house as a home.