Coat of arms of the Shining Justice with the motto of the organization: "In Obscuritas Lux".

The Shining Justice is an organization who embarked on numerous crusades against evil creatures in the World at somepoint after the downfall of the anti-magic Glorious Empire, bought the rule of the Fourth Overlord to an end and forcing the Minions to flee and resurrect four champions of darkness to resume the struggle.

The Shining Justice is directed by three people: Sparkles as head and Lady Clarrisa with Sir Cedric as his two henchman.

The Shining Justice motto is "In Obscuritas Lux", which means "In the darkness, light."


The Shining Justice while is fighting the dark forces of the Netherghūls.

The army of the Shining Justice consists mainly of Elves, with two weapons or a shield with a weapon, or a greatsword. Elves are supported by human wizards dressed in red or blue. The elite of the army is made up of great humans paladins wielding masses or swords with large shields.

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