"What are these uncouth louts doing ? They are making my garden look untidy! Deal with them, guards!" - Drearius when the Fourth Overlord arrives

Drearius is a Senator of the Glorious Empire in it's Senate who lives in the Empire Heartland with his wife. It is revealed that his wife accused Juno of sleeping with him. She also accused Juno of stealing her beads.

Drearius' Villa

Senator Drearius' Villa.

He and his wife are encountered after their villa is destroyed by the Overlord. They can then be killed or enslaved. Afterwards, the Fourth Overlord steals their sedan chair to sneak into Empire City.

Quotes about him Edit

  • "His wife accused me of sleeping with him. As if! I only hinted that maybe I possibly would if he'd buy me a dozen new slaves with ruby encrusted collars. That's all! And he didn't, the tight fisted windbag."Juno