Rollie is a vehicle with a large spiked roller and flamethrower in the front. It was presumably created and owned by Goldo Golderson, until it was destroyed by the Third Overlord. Rollie later turned up in the Evernight Abyss, to be used a as prop in the Abyss's "play" theme.

History Edit


Overlord Edit

Rollie is called the Terror of Evernight as Goldo seems to have ravaged the forest, using it to gain access to the Mother Goddess Temple in Evernight in his greed-guided quest to steal its treasures. Rollie's tracks are rather obvious in the forest leading from Oberon's tree to a hole in the side of the temple's Inner Sanctum. The ghost elves that haunt Evernight Forest refer to them as "The Footprints of Death".

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

Rollie is a prop in the Forgotten God's play, however it is missing, forcing the play to endlessly repeat until it is included. When it is found, it is manned by the minions, representing the Dwarves in their attack on Evernight Forest. It is used to turn Oberon to ash.


Rollie in Raising Hell.

  • Goldo's Ultimate Pet and Weapon.
  • Concept Artwork of Rollie.
  • Rollie.

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