Quaver is one of the Browns, but unlike other minions he has an Irish accent. He is also the Fourth Overlord's jester, and invents amusing poems about things that happen to his Overlord. He loses his right eye when he stupidly sticks to the ice in which the Overlord is frozen and pulls off abruptly to avoid being burned to cinders by the "dragon" Gnarl mentions, used to melt the ice. His missing eye is replaced by a glass one from then on.

Although Quaver is similar to the former jester, he is more sophisticated and more loyal to the Overlord, than the old jester. The other minions show a dislike for Quaver (going so far as kicking him out of the brown minion gate), because of his poems, which are made to honour the Overlord and his journeys. Quaver also sometimes uses his rattle as a cane. Quaver's love of art is so great that when the Overlord finds a harp in the Nordberg Sanctuary, he faints with excitement, or so Gnarl says. After obtaining the harp, Quaver puts a Minion Band together to sing his poems to the Overlord theme song. According to Gnarl, Quaver is also the chef from his comment about wondering what he will make for lunch.
Quaver and The Fourth Overlord

Quaver and the "Master".

Quotations Edit

  • "Juno's Champion
    Oh Juno is a lovely sight. I'm almost moved to tears. I hope she will sit down with me and gently stroke my ears!"
  • "Yeti Slayer
    Master slayed the Yeti fierce, he really was a thug. And I think we all agree he looks better as a rug!"
    — The Yeti indeed ends up as a rug in the Private Quarters main room.
  • "Ghost Bringer
    The Sanctuary has been destroyed and the Queenie made a fuss. And now we got to pay the price, her ghost's moved in with us!"
    — Mistress Ghost Fay.
  • "Leader of the Pack
    Now Sire has found some wolven friends, there is no looking back. With his browns aboard their steeds, he is the Leader of the Pack."
  • "Rescuer of Kelda
    Feisty Kelda has come to join us. She looks handy in a brawl. I just hope she won't cut off my head, and mount it on the wall."
  • "Red Rescuer
    Our fiery friends are back with us. When will the fairies learn? In fighting reds you´ll end up dead. And something´s gonna burn!"

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Behind the scenes Edit

He is voiced by Stephen Critchlow.