"It's risen up! The Phoenix! Risen from the ashes of the Last Sanctuary. We saw it burn across the land , scorch through the earth into your domain! You must face it in combat or it will set fire to the world!" — An outcast from the wastelands

The Phoenix is a flaming bird that is encountered on Battle Rock where it apparently burns through the earth to the Netherworld.

Phoenix 1
Phoeniz 2

The Phoenix - Round 1 Edit

The phoenix is pretty simple. Hit him once when he is on the floor running after you, and move out the way. He will cast a shockwave and land on the perch in the middle. Use Greens to attack his back, not his front. He will then try to fly and fall to the ground. Attack him. Repeat this until he is dead.

The Phoenix - Round 2 Edit

In this round the phoenix has a new attack. You must hit him once every time he is on the ground, and move out the way. Instead of directing your Greens, just move as far as you can to the centre of the battlefield, since he will fly around breathing fire. He will now land on the perch, so send your Greens to attack him again, send all your minions to attack him and do so yourself as well.

The Phoenix - Round 3 Edit

The phoenix now has yet another new move. Hit him once every time he is on the ground, move out the way, and he will fly around dropping eggs that are full of fire gnomes. Sweep your minions on them to kill them and get any health you need by using the minion spell that kills a minion and gives you health, then he will land on the perch. Send your Greens, and attack him with all your minions yet again, and attack him yourself. The gnomes are the difficult part of this battle, so get rid of them as quick as possible. When they take a lot of health from you, use the Minion spell to get more health by sacrificing a minion. Repeat all this, and he will be defeated.

Video Edit

Overlord II - Episode 31 - HORRIOR’s Minion, HORRIOR, the Phoenix Puncher30:20

Overlord II - Episode 31 - HORRIOR’s Minion, HORRIOR, the Phoenix Puncher

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