The Nordbergians are people, who live in the icy town of Nordberg. They are unable to fight back, and can be easily enslaved, using the Evil Presence spell. Also, they drop equipment, which the minions can pick up later, such as gloves, pitchforks, shovels and hats. They sometimes are seen hiding in houses.

Note: There are two peasants per house.

  • Concept Art of the Nordberg Villagers
  • Concept Art of the Nordberg Kids
  • "Nordberg Townsfolk" - Concept Art of the villagers
  • Concept Artwork of a Nordberg Girl
  • Concept Artwork of young Kelda
  • Celebrating the Midwinter Party.
  • Some of the townsfolk, staying on one of the town's watch towers.

Friendlies Edit

  • Nordberg Villagers

Enemies Edit

  • Nordberg Kids (only in the Prologue)
  • Rebel Villagers

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