OL2 Landscape Art Nordberg

Nordberg, art.

Nordberg Town is where the Fourth Overlord's journey begins. He is brought here as a baby by his mother and is greatly feared and distrusted by the people, as Overlad. Early on the Glorious Empire besieges the city and demands all Magic Users. The Overlad escapes them, however, and is raised to become the Overlord. He returns here to conquer the town, and encounters his first mistress, Kelda.

Nordberg Town Map

Nordberg Town Map.

Objects Edit

Friendlies Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Nordberg House Design
  • Nordberg Town Landscape
  • Nordberg Town
  • Concept Landscape of Nordberg
  • Concept Sketch of Nordberg - Uncoloured Variant
  • Marius, Borius and Kelda in Nordberg's Town

Quests Edit


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