Complete Neatherheart

The four Shards reunited

The Netherheart is, like the Tower Heart, the energy source of the Overlord. It is formed by four shards scattered throughout the world, one being at Netherdeep, another at Summervale and another is at Ravenvale. The last shard is not the subject of a mission, unlike the other three. The powers of Netherheart, once completed, should allow Netherguls to push the Golden.

Fellowship of EvilEdit

The Netherheart is the main objective of Netherghuls, which should meet on to enable them to counter the spread of Golden. It is a source of power so powerful that even the members of the Shining Justice wish to obtain these shards to further their goals.


Trivia Edit

  • The Netherheart seems affiliate (more than the old Tower Heart) to the powers of the Overlord, because each of the shards seems to affiliate as one of the Minions colors used by the Overlord: Brown (Yellow for the first), Red, Green and Blue.
  • Oddly, the second Netherheart piece is red in game, but in the cutscene it is replaced by the green one, which is only recovered in the quest after.

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