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Mortis the "Resurrector"

Mortis is an unique and aged minion of the Blues, who appears only in Overlord II. He served under the Infernal God and oversaw all the events that caused the downfall of the Overlord's Empire.

He's in charge of resurrecting dead minions at the request of the Overlord. He is also in charge of the spawning of new minions using the collected Lifeforce, which makes him an invaluable asset to the Overlord.

Personality and Traits Edit

Mortis is known for his watery-sounding voice, and many quotes related to death, including "death is your friend" and "do not fear the reaper", which can be heard randomly in the game when the Overlord exits the Graveyard interface. He is also notably rather dour, most likely because of his closeness to death, as displayed when he shoves off the minions, who hug him when they are resurrected. He is, like all other minions, unwaveringly loyal to the Overlord, and reassures him that, "the newly spawned will be sacrificed first". He seems to have improved abilities due to him being able to resurrect minions that have permanently died out in the field .

He allowed the Reds to roast rats on his scythe and he seems upset by the other minion hives not being there when you first meet him. But then again, he seems sad since nearly every minion tribe is missing at the beginning of the game. The events that caused the 'loss' of the Overlord, the fall of the Overlord's empire and the destruction of the Tower Lands may have changed his attitude.

Quotations Edit

  • "Death is your friend." — Minion Barracks, Graveyard in Overlord II.
  • "The Minion Barracks,here the new minions are born,give me life force and i'll give you minions,'we live,we serve you,we fight,we die,this is what we are sire, and what we will always be" —Upon meeting for the first time at the graveyard
  • "The Browns,strong,loyal they live to fight"
  • "Greens gone"(approaching the place where the greens hive should be)
  • "Reds,gone" )
  • "The Blues are not here"
  • Do you see dead minions, sire? 
  • Mortis Minion Graveyard2

    Mortis and his ability to ressurect.

    "Do not fear the reaper!"

Trivia Edit

  • Mortis is apparently the only blue that stayed with the rest of the group while they were searching for the Overlord.
  • Mortis's quote, "'Do not fear the reaper!"' is a reference to the Blue Oyster Cult song, "'Don't fear the reaper."
  • "Mortis" means "of death" in Latin.
  • His attire, name and far greater power over ressurection, makes him an obvious copy of the Grim Reaper, however, its unknown if this makes him the Minions version of said figure.


Mortis:Reds,gone                                                                                                                                                   'Gnarl:Mortis misses the Reds,he used them to roast rats on his scythe,they must have followed a wisp and left,stupid creatures,however.we believe that they must be in a volcanic area nearby

Mortis:Greens,gone                                                                                                                                                Gnarl:The Greens left during the exodus,they followed the trails of a foul smell,leaving the group, they are stealthy creatures,we don't know what happened to them,they dissapeared in a second,there are rumors in the Barracks that they found a safe haven on a tropical island

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