In Overlord the Browns can automatically equip many different kinds of items — found while looting. So can the other minions, though the results are less visually spectacular after pick-up.

Overlord Edit

In Overlord the Browns start off with a club by default.

Helmets Edit

Name Location Source
Jack-o'-lantern Mellow Hills Breakable pumpkins
Spiked Steel Helm Mellow Hills Boxes and metal jars
Slick Steel Helm Halfling Homes Boxes and jars
Bull Nose Ring Mellow Hills Trolls
Chef's Hat Halfling Homes(2), Melvin's Kitchen

Halfling Cooks

Frying Pan Melvin's Kitchen Boxes and jars
Rat's Skin Mellow Hills Rats
Rat Skull Evernight Skull Rats
Stag Skull Evernight Skull Stags
Boar Skull Evernight Skull Boars
Steel Helm Heaven's Peak Fallen Knights
Knight Helm Heaven's Peak Fallen Knights
Theatre Mask Half-way to Heaven Inn Boxes in the dungeon portion of the area
Red Hood Halfway to Heaven Inn, Angelis Keep Red Dawn Cultists
Mining Helmet Golden Hills Dwarven Miners
Slug Head Golden Hills Sluglets
Eagle Helm Golden Hills Dwarven Flamers, Dwarven Warriors
Ninja Mask Ruborian Dessert Ruborian Fighters
Golden Spartan Helm (Sideways) Ruborian Desert Boxes
Golden Spartan Helm (Straight) Ruborian Desert Boxes

Armour Edit

Name Location Source
Ripped Leather Vest Mellow Hills Rare Metal Boxs, Halfing swordsman
Spartan Armor Ruborian Desert Boxes

Armguards Edit

Name Location Source
Cloth and Metal Armguard Mellow Hills Boxes and jars, Halfling Swordsmen
Spartan Armguard Ruborian Desert Boxes

Gloves Edit

Name Location Source
Brown Leather Glove Mellow Hills Barrels and boxes
Spartan Glove Ruborian Desert Boxes

Weapons Edit

Name Location Source
Club Brown Spawning Pit Initial Equipment for Browns
Hatchet Mellow Hills Halfling Swordsmen, Boxes
Pitchfork Mellow Hills Peasants, Boxes
Mace Mellow Hills Boxes
Dagger Mellow Hills Halfling Swordsmen, Boxes
Short Sword Mellow Hills Halfling Swordsmen
Long Sickle Mellow Hills Peasants, Boxes
Cleaver Halfling Homes(2), Melvin's Kitchen Halfling Cooks
Rolling Pin Melvin's Kitchen Boxes
Bow Evernight Skull Rats
Unicorn Horn Evernight Bloody Unicorns
Skull Staff Evernight Skull Stags
Stone Hammer Slave Camp, Evernight Skull Boars, Boxes in Slave Camp
Zombie Arm Heaven's Peak Zombies
Greater Zombie Arm Heaven's Peak Zombies
Silver Dagger Heaven's Peak Red Dawn Cultists, Boxes
Pickaxe Slave Camp, Golden Hills Peasants in Slave Camp, Dwarven Miners, Boxes
Shovel Golden Hills Dwarven Miners, Boxes
Crossbow with Bayonet Golden Hills Dwarven Crossbowmen, Boxes
Single-Bladed Axe Golden Hills Dwarven Warriors, Boxes
Double-Bladed Axe Golden Hills Dwarven Warriors, Boxes
Ninja Blade Ruborian Desert Ruborian Fighters, Ruborian Bombers
Golden Axe Ruborian Desert Boxes
Golden Scimitar Ruborian Desert Boxes
Golden Halberd Ruborian Desert Boxes

Boss Edit

Location Equipment
Melvin's Kitchen Melvin's Fork
Melvin's Crown
Melvin Underbelly
Halfway to Heaven Inn Red Hood Succubus Queen
Angelis Keep Sir William's Staff Sir William the Black
Goldo's Stronghold Golden Axe
Goldo's Crown
Goldo Golderson

Overlord II Edit

In Overlord II, the Reds, Greens and Blues will also pick up equipment.

There are also special helmets that your minions will pick up and earn the title of champion, these however require you to complete certain requirements, and if you don't pick them the first time, you will not be given a second chance, only the Browns can wear these helmets.

Champion Helmets Edit

Trophy Image Location Source
Borius' Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-32-70 Nordberg Town Dropped near the Netherworld Gate after you Dominate or Destroy Nordberg, after defeating Borius, obviously.
Survivor Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-43-52 Everlight Jungle Inside the chest between the two torches after you pass the first bridge.
Spider Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-03-46-07 Everlight Temple Dropped when you defeat the Spider Queen. (Be quick because you only have 5 seconds to snatch it, before the trophy is automatically removed from the game.) It's located on the middle platform that used to activate the water drainage.
Everlight Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-00-09 Everlight Town Dropped near the Netherworld Gate after you Dominate or Destroy Everlight.
Arena Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-53-71 Empire Arena Appears after you destroy the red pillars in the arena (when you are given the choice to kill or enslave the Yeti and retrieve the blue hive). Located right next to the Yeti, near his left arm. Note: You can only get it on a New Born minion, as entering the Arena forced you to take all the captured minions.
Yeti Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-10-12-93 Empire Arena Dropped if you decide kill the Yeti instead of enslaving it.
Wasteland Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-10-20 Wasteland Dropped when you kill the Mutated Minions that guard the Spell Catalyst.
Dragon Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-05-31-76 Wasteland Sanctuary Dropped when you defeat the Salamander King.
Sanctuary Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-05-10-88 Wasteland Sanctuary Dropped after converting Fay to Dark Fay. (This can be a bit difficult to get if you are following the Destruction path. The reason is you only have a few seconds to snatch it, and kill Dark Fay before she reaches the Netherworld Gate.)
Legion Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-04-37-72 Empire Hills Dropped after you destroy the golden flag post near the third catapult.
Gnome Champion Overlord2 2010-09-21 17-10-22-97 Anywhere Dropped after you kill 1000 Gnomes.
Satyr Champion Satyr champion minion Battle Rock Dropped after you have defeated the Satyr.
Phoenix Champion Image needed.... Battle Rock Dropped after you have defeated the Phoenix.
Empire Champion Empire general Champion minion Battle Rock Dropped after you have defeated the Empire General.

Gallery Edit