Mana depletes when a spell is cast. Without Mana the spells will have no "energy" and thus will not work.

How to replenish Mana? Edit

  • The normal way to replenish Mana is to consume Mana Potions, found in loot.
  • In Overlord II it is enough to stand close to a Tower gate.
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Overlord & Raising Hell Edit

Maximum: 8
In Overlord, mana is increased by acquiring Mana Pillars.
Tip: It is possible to imbue Reds (Minions) into an Armour to increase your maximum Mana.

Overlord II Edit

In Overlord II, mana is increased by acquiring Mana Upgrades. There are a total of five such upgrades to be found in the game.

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

Maximum: 9
In Overlord: Dark Legend, mana is increased by acquiring Mana Relics.

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