The Longship is a manually controlled vessel in the Overlord Series .


The Longship is a nautical means of transport in Overlord II. Typically, the foes of the Overlord would control this but in certain points in the game, the vessel becomes a controllable tool in your quest for domination.

Controlling the LongshipEdit

As stated above, in certain points in each game, the longship becomes a controllable vehicle, although it does
Overlord 2 boat

The Overlord using the Longship in Overlord II

require 10 Minions (any colour) to function. Any Minions that are not used up by controlling the ship, will stay up on the deck to watch for enemies and, if they are Reds , may even start to bombard them with flaming balls of lava. One Minion is needed to beat the drum to keep all the others in time but he is counted in the ten. To boost speed in a quick escape or a nail-biting chase, the Overlord can hit the drummer to up the tempo. This can only be done sparingly, though.

Enemies and the LongshipEdit

Although seeing a fully controllable Longship in-game is a rarity, enemies often use this as their mode of transport.

It happens quite often, especially in Overlord II , that the Overlord and the Minions will be walking on some tundra landscape by the shore and an enemy longship full of troops will sail past, dropping off some foes to battle along the way.

The Elven race of Overlord II's Nordberg Sanctuary favour the longship as their number-one mode of over seas transport. Their rather athletic and agile foot troops can simply jump from the deck onto another boat or dry-land whereas the Empire of Overlord II , with their more stocky builds, have to dock before exiting the boat. The Overlord should use this to his advantage.

Threats to the LongshipEdit

While the longship is under the Overlord's control, many dangers face him. Usually pittyful enemies such as Everlight's mermainds become deadly foes when the Overlord has no contro, over his attack. To combat this, it is wise to leave a few reds or greens on-deck to provide covering ranged fire.

Other threats include the treacherous mines that sometimes line the water. These spawn in the most awkward or places so it is wise to keep to light areas with maximum visibility values. As mentioned above, the Elven warriors of Everlight can jump from either the deck of one of their longships or any landscape feature or other static object such as rocks, debris and even solid land if the longship is near enough.

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