Lil' Red or Little Red Riding Hood was a girl, who visited Meadowsweet Town around the time of the rise of the first Overlord, particularly during the time when the town was threatened by the wolves of the Withering Woods. She wanted to get to her grandmother's house deep in the woods but was frightened of them, so she asked for the Overlord to "escort" her through the woods.

History Edit

She showed surprising strength in the woods, being able to push a boulder out of the way of a previously blocked route. When she reached her grandmother's house, she ran up to the door and told the Overlord she would be hiding inside, and after she closed the door, a flock of wolves rushed towards the Overlord and his minions, but they were quickly defeated. After all of them were dead, Lil' Red told the Overlord to "Come inside. Grandmother's got your reward right here!" and he followed her inside. Inside the house were bones, books and several suspicious artefacts, and where there should have been the back wall of the house was a path leading into a large cavern. Gnarl commented "This is slightly non-standard Grandmother décor." as the Overlord looked around the house and slowly walked into the cavern.

Inside was a large cave with several areas separated from the main island. There were also several small piles of bones and in the far back, there were two cages with children in them, and they were separated by a small opening that was just large enough to provide a home for an animal. As the Overlord looked around the cave, two red eyes appeared in the opening and Lil' Red's voice said "Now Mr. Overlord, you really should not be going off into the woods with strange little girls. And you really should not have killed my wolves." and Lil' Red's voice got deeper as she said this, and suddenly a Wolf Queen jumped out from the opening and snarled before attacking the Overlord and his minions.

Lil' Red had revealed her true form, the Wolf Queen , and attacked the Overlord, but she was eventually defeated. Before she collapsed, she let out a final howl and the cave's stalactites fell along with large rocks and crushed her beneath them. The children were released from the cages as if by magic and a Minion Relic was revealed behind them. The children then informed the Overlord about the strange Gingerbread salesmen in the town before running home to Meadowsweet Town.

Gallery Edit

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