Juno CG Model

A CG Model for Mistress Juno.

"Ah, Mistress Juno. I just want to 'stuff her' and suspend her in oil, and just... look at her." — Gnarl

Juno is a human female who becomes the second of the Fourth Overlord's mistresses in Overlord II.

History Edit

Overlord II Edit

Juno is the second mistress encountered by the Fourth Overlord. She is found in Everlight, where she has been accused of witchcraft by the wives of men she has seduced. If you choose to have her as the First Mistress during the invasion of Empire City, she will provide you with Spiders for your Greens to ride. She was considered a magical creature because a gnome hid between her legs
Juno Concept Artwork

Concept Artwork of Juno.

Netherworld Tower Upgrades Edit

Tower Upgrade OL2 Icon Treasure Gold
Juno Banners 100
Juno Candles 250
Juno Rugs & Curtains 250
Juno Bed 500
Juno Lion Alcoves 500
Juno Spider Rider Statues 500
Juno Serpent Throne 1000

Personality and Traits Edit

Preview Nr 1 For Overlord 2

Juno in the Imperial Palace with a Sentinel.

She seems to be quite materialistic and obsessed with valuables. Her obvious beauty has made her very conceited about appearance, seeing everyone else below her worth. To her the Overlord — as provider of power and gifts — will do, for now.

Quotations Edit

  • "If only my friends could see me now, Mistress to an Overlord!" — First Mistress in Throne Room.
  • "You should really conquer Empire City, then I could go shopping there again."
  • "Ha! Should have bought me my own jewels!", "Serves the old harpy right!" — Juno's reaction to killing Senator Drearius and his wife. Now ain't that charming.
  • "Who's deluded. Come on, see-through is so last season!" — Ghost Fay disapproves of Juno, her reaction to the ghost.
  • "Ridiculous! My hair is lovely! And I don't wear black out of season!" - Juno's reaction to Dark Fay insulting her.

Behind the scenes Edit

She is voiced by Jules De Jongh.

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