A Jester is a person who provides some kind of entertainment. The Overlord Series sports several jesters.

Jester to the First Overlord Edit

The First Overlord, also known as Lord Gromgard actually had two jesters:

  • Jinks a halfling jester, who snapped after years of abuse, to attack the castle with a pumpkin throwing machine, forcing the Overlord to destroy the halfling.

Jester to the Second Overlord Edit

This in all likelihood the same "Jester", and he holds the Second Overlord in high regard.

Jester to the Third Overlord Edit

Jester in Overlord is now the Third Overlord's jester, probably also severing both of the Overlord predecessors. Jester should be quite old for a minion by now. Having lived through so much, has made him doubt current Overlord, though. As he was not in Overlord II, it is likely that the other minions eliminated him for betraying their master by abandoning him in the Infernal Abyss.

Quaver — Jester of the Fourth Overlord Edit

Quaver is the Fourth Overlord's jester and appears only in Overlord II. He is more sophisticated and more loyal to the Overlord than the previous jester.

Trivia Edit

  • There's a theory stating the jesters hat or as jinx states "bells" are cursed which explains why the jester betrayed the third overlord and why like jinx it learned perfect english along with a accent

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