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Jester was one of the very old Overlord's minions.

History Edit

At first, the Jester used to be one of the Browns, who assisted the "back then" Overlord in destroying the halfling jester who attacked Castle Gromgard (Overlord: Dark Legend). After killing the crazed halfling Jinks, a feisty and rather idiotic brown minion took the halfling's cap and proclaimed himself the Overlord's new jester. In later years, he spent his time yelling out the titles the Third Overlord had collected in his adventures in Overlord.

This makes the Jester the First, Second, and Third Overlord's jester, one of the oldest minions (next to Gnarl).

Overlord Edit

In Overlord, the Jester is a ruder and less loyal servant to the Third Overlord (he also serves as the player's
Jester in The Dungeon

Jester in the Dungeon.

introduction into combat). He starts to insult the Overlord by calling him by different names; this leads to the Overlord starting to beat up the cackling Jester. After healing from his wounds, the Jester once again starts to spout out the different titles the Overlord earns overcoming the plentiful adventures. This name-calling happens in the Dark Tower's Throne Room.

The Jester clearly seems to know that something is afoot, so does Gnarl (who does not tell, though), knowing about the return of the Second Overlord. Some of his "titles" for the Overlord, carry a sense of foreboding with them, but he starts says these only if the overlord conquers the mellow hills abyss, meaning its referring to the Forgotten god being nearly ready to escape the abyss:

  • "It's all going to plan!"
    Jester Ritual

    Jester is performing some sort of a magical ritual.

  • "Tread carefully!"
  • "... Overlord... Underlord soon!"
  • "It is almost complete!" — Towards the end of the game.

After the return of the Second Overlord, he says he believes that this current Overlord was not worthy enough to be an evil being, but after the defeat of the Second Overlord, Jester performs a secret ceremony that sets up the events of Overlord: Raising Hell (it is possible that Jester was possessed by the spirit of the Second Overlord. However, another interpretation could be that the Jester suffered from so much abuse, that he just wanted some form of revenge).

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

The Jester makes a brief appearance in Overlord: Raising Hell, in the chamber of the Forgotten God. Most likely, after his defeat, the Second Overlord possessed the Jester to implement his cunning plan of revenge on the Third Overlord. After the Forgotten God was defeated, the Jester is then seen leaving the Infernal Abyss using the Tower Gate, which is then 
Jester in Abyss

Jester summons The Forgotten God.

destroyed, stranding the Third Overlord in the abyss. Since the Jester does not appear with the other minions when they mourn the Third Overlord and has disappeared completely from Overlord II, his fate is currently unknown, but he's presumed to be dead, killed either by the minions or by the cataclysm that happened some time later.
OL Char Jester

The first meeting between the jester and the Third Overlord

Personalty and Traits Edit

At first Jester was a fun-loving minion, who could talk better than the other minions in a halfling voice. At first he loved the job of jester to the Overlords, but after years of abuse he was driven to madness — ironically, just like his predecessor, the halfling jester. He seemed to prefer and saw his primary loyalty with the Second Overlord.

Equipment Edit

Jester wore a jester hat that belonged to the crazed halfling jester. He did not use the same jester bell wand and instead had one made out of a skull (this could be the skull of a former minion, a fake skull or the halfling's skull). It should be noted that the hat that this jester gained from the halfling jester, Jinks, seemed to have a dark glow in Overlord: Dark Legend, and it is possible that this hat is cursed, causing the jesters who wear it to betray their master. However, Quaver the new jester in Overlord II, does not wear this same hat. This would explain why these jesters seemed to become crazy or traitors.

Quotations Edit

Titles Jester bestows on the Overlord in the Dark Tower's Throne Room in Overlord:

  • "Keeper of the Ruined Tower"  The Overlord stands in a ruined tower, gets replaced by 'Restorer of the Dark Tower"
  • "An Overlord always needs servants." — Gnarl when got back to the tower with at least one maid giving her orders
  • "Servant Snatcher" — After 'persuading' the female peasants to work at the Dark Tower:
    • "Haven't you got anything a little more substantial for me to wear?" — Snatched female Spree servant.
    • "That Gnarl pinched me... that's sexual harassment you know, and I won't stand for it!"
    • "If that Gnarl looks at me funny one more time, I'm going to hit him with a poker!"
    • "If my friends could see me now, working for an Overlord, they'd be so jealous!" — Mistress Juno says something similar in Overlord II.
    • "They wouldn't let us dress like this in Spree."
    • "This place is a bit of alright, innit?"
    • "I miss Spree!"
    • "I hope you're not going to make me cook. You'll regret it, you know!"
    • "You don't want me, you want my sister, she's the pretty one!" — Female peasant about to be captured in Spree.
  • "Harasser of Humans" — Attack a few peasants in Spree.
  • "Bully of Jesters" — The overlord has beaten up the jester at least once, post-tutorial.
  • "Rescuer of the Distressed Damsel" — Saved Rose from Castle Spree.
  • "Leader of the Fire Starters" — Found the Reds' hive.
  • "Exploder of Melvin Underbelly" — Got rid of Melvin.
  • "Wielder of Steel" — Found the Steel smelter.
  • "Forger of Durium" — Found the Durium smelter.
  • "Master of Arcanium Weaponry" — Found the Arcanium smelter.
  • "Homewrecker" — Destroyed all houses in Spree.
  • "Suppressor of Spree" — Killed the peasants until they give up and start begging you for mercy.
  • "Gluttonous Overlard" — Took the food from the halflings for yourself.
  • "Saviour of the Tower Heart" — Returned the Tower Heart.
  • "Wenchbane" — Killed 10 female peasant in Spree.
  • "Enemy of Man" — Killed 100 peasants.
  • "Most Wise Master" — Opted to do the minion "combat control" tutorial.
  • "Most Overconfident Master" — Opted not to do the minion "combat control" tutorial.
  • "Dungeon Dabbler" — Won at least one battle in the dungeon.
  • "Warrior of the Watery Ones" — The Blues' hive was found.
  • "Force Feeder" — Having collected more than 250 total life force.
  • "Giant Slayer" — Only available to the classic version of Overlord (due of RH expansion causing jester to dissapear), hearable after killing the Wizard, referring to Kahn's Death.
  • "Patron of Evil" — Overlord at 30% Corruption.
  • "Restorer of the Dark Tower" — Found and returned the crane.
  • "Enemy of the Light" — Overlord at 50 % Corruption.
  • "Infernal Majesty" — Overlord at 50-60 % Corruption.
  • "Most High Lord of Chaos" — Overlord at 100% Corruption.
  • "Ruler of the Stealth Army" — Freed the Greens' hive.
  • "Purger of the Perverted Paladin" — Got rid of Sir William.
  • "Merciful Quieter of Grumbling Stomachs"  You Chose to give Spree's Food back to the peasants.
  • "Appreciator of Voluptuous Assets" — Choose Velvet as mistress.
  • "Loyal Lord!" — Choose Rose as mistress.
  • "Bar Room Brawler" — Attacked the guests of the Halfway to Heaven's inn.
  • "New God of the Mumblers" — Subdued the priests in Heaven's Peak.
  • "Town Trasher" — Destroyed all intact homes in Heaven's Peak.
  • "The One True Overlord" — Killed the Wizard (available only to the classic version, view 'Giant Slayer).
  • "Lord of Lust and Lechery" — After romantic entanglement with Velvet.
  • "Most Knowledgeable Master of Minions" — After romantic entanglement with Rose.
  • "Desecrator of the Sacred Grove" — Burned down Sacred Grove in Evernight Forest.
  • "Friend to the Flowers and Trees!" — Preserved the Sacred Grove in Evernight Forest.
  • "Preventer of the Floral Print Menace!" — Subdued the females in the Heaven's Peak Abyss.
  • "Wielder of the Paladin Mop!" — Misused Sir William for clean up in the Heaven's Peak Abyss.
  • "Persecutor of Pumpkins!" — Wiping out the pumpkins in the Mellow Hills Abyss.
  • "Ambassador of the Abyss!" — Conquered at least one of the abysses.
  • "Grinder of Goldo and Ravager of Rollie" — Took down Goldo and Rollie.
  • "Destroyer of Elvenkind" — You did not rescue the female elves in Goldo's Royal Halls.
  • "Fattener of Slugs" — Let the giant slugs eat the elves in the Glittering Mine.
  • "Elf Lover!" — Rescued the female elves in Goldo's Royal Halls.
  • "Aggravator of the Angry Beards" — Stole the dwarven Beer Kettle (?).
  • "Pincher of Sacred Relics" — Stole the Mother Goddess' statue from the elves.
  • "Peasant Toaster" — Unused title, referring to the Overlord setting on fire a peasant.
  • "Peasant Pyromaniac" — Unused title, referring to the Overlord setting on fire on a total of 20 peasants.
  • "Blessed by the elves" — Returned the mother goddess statue.
  • "Unspeakable Decorator of the Dark Tower" — Unused title, referring to the player completing the dark tower with Velvet's Upgrades.
  • "Closy Lord of Evil Homeliness" — Unused title, referring to the player completing the dark tower with Rose's Upgrades.
  • "Art Critic!" — Conquered the Evernight Abyss, thus ending the play.
  • "Star of the Stage!" — Overlord on stage with Rollie in the Evernight Abyss.
  • "Pleaser of Ladies!" — Buy your Mistress everything.
  • "Demon of Death and Destruction" — The overlord is at 95% Corruption.
  • "Master of Evil Culinary Arts!" — Manipulating Melvin in the Mellow Hills Abyss with food.
  • "He whom Death Fears!"
  • "He who laughs in the face of death!"
  • "Ammasser of Armies!" —the total alive minion count exceeds 1000.
  • "Executioner of Traitors" — Spree peasants that supported Kahn were killed.
  • "Forgiving Lord" — Spare the spree peasants that supported Kahn.
  • "Apprehender of Thieves" — Caught Jewel.
  • "Impenetrable One" — The Overlord has a fully upgraded Arcanium Armor and weapon.
  • "Master of the Dungeon"  — The Overlord has done all the fights in the dungeon.
  • "Great and Mighty Overlord"  — The Overlord has equipped a full Arcanium Armor and Weapon
  • "Mindful Warrior!" — Completed one of the dungeon "challenge battles".
  • "Cautious Crusader" — The Overlord is still 0% Corruption after long time.
  • "Feeder of slugs" — Fed the slugs in the golden hills with elves.
  • "Good evening, minions! Welcome to fight time!" — Jester speaking upon Overlord entering the dungeon for the first time.
  • "It's dreary, dark and dank here in the Dungeon, just how we like it." — Jester as arena speaker in the dungeons.

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