The Forest of Illirium was the realm of the elves at the time of the story shown in Overlord: Dark Legend. The forest was the realm of King Erasmus, a great friend of a human noble known as Lord Grenville and an unlikely ally of the dwarf king Widget of Golden Hills. Illirium is divided in four regions: the Verdant Valley, the Plant Garrison, the Putrid Pools and the Hot Houses.

The forest is not very dissimilar from that of Evernight, because both of them are shrouded by an eternal night atmosphere and the flora grows nearly untamed everywhere, delineating the landscape itself.   The most precious plants that grows in this place are the Lotus Flowers, very rare plants extremely appreciated by the elves, and the Stalkers, natural siege weapons of the plant kingdom. The elves who live in this region are almost all very skilled gardeners, capable to defend themselves and their gardens with the use of wind magic.

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