Hideout is used by most of the world's creatures, such as dwarves, elves, humans and halflings. Each race's hut has it's proportions, such as the dwarves' earth homes, halfings' holes, elves' sanctuary caverns and humans' huts. There are many variants of hideout to note:

  • Nordberg Architecture - Small house area.
  • Everlight Architecture - Large entrance area.
  • Spree Architecture - Small entrance.
  • Heaven's Peak Architecture - Similar to Spree Architecture, but more higher architecture.
  • Igloo - Small snow hut with circular hall and small entrance.
  • Roman Tent - Large tent with large entrance.

Note: There are Empire Soldiers, which are emerging endlessly from the tent. If you ransack the tent, the soldiers will stop emerging.

  • Roman Dress Up Tent - Small red tent, with small entrance.

Note: Quickly disguise your minions as Legionaries, by charging them into the tent.

  • Children's Hut - Small wooden hut, with small entrance.

Note: Quickly disguise you minions as Nordberg children, by charging them into the hut.

  • Halfling Holes - Large hole with a green painted door entrance.

Note: There are halflings, which are emerging endlessly from the holes. If you ransack the hole, the halflings will stop emerging from the hole.

  • Gnome Pit - Large hole without any entrance, can be accessed only by using mounted salamanders
  • Nordberg House Design
  • Concept Art for Roman Dress Up Tent
  • Concept Art of the Imperial Palace's main gates
  • Concept Artworks of an Elven Hut
  • 3d Model of an Elven Hut

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