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Halflings are a race of short & gluttonous humanoid creatures. Like humans they have five fingers on each hand, but only four toes on each foot. In addition, their feet are covered in coarse hair. They inhabit several domains, Mellow Hills and Briarthorn Burrows among them. They live in small homes with round doors, built partially underground, which usually have grass roofs.


During the events of Overlord, the halflings of Mellow Hills constantly harassed the citizens of Spree, and kept many of the villagers in work camps in order to grow more food for themselves. They also had a leader in the self-proclaimed Halfling king, Melvin Underbelly.

The halflings' domination of the village of Spree came to an end with the rise of the Third Overlord.

Overlord: MinionsEdit

The Halflings re-appeared in Overlord: Minions, where most of the halflings encountered are hostile to the Overlord and his servants. However, one of the halflings, Whispering Wallace tells the minions (and through them, the Overlord) about the recent recruitment done by the Kindred. Later on, the Overlord also meets the former Kindred halfling, Gordon the Ghost.

The Halfling Kindred wee ultimately vanquished when Silas Silvanus was slain.

Overlord: Dark LegendEdit

In this game they have a different leader named Jinks who is a crazed hafling that is secretly plotting against castle Gromgard. Jinks could be possibly the grandfather of Melvin.

Overlord IIEdit

During the Great Cataclysm, most of the halflings of the Mellow Hills were wiped out by the great explosion and the subsequent magical plague. Gnarl also mentions that the local survivors of the Great Cataclysm drove out the remaining halflings from their own lands, due to the hatred of magical beings (which was brought on by the Great Cataclysm). The only trace left of them are the homes that they lived in. For now, the ultimate fate of the halflings of Mellow Hills remains unknown.


  • Halfling Swordsman
  • Halfling Slinger
  • Halfling Spearman
  • Halfing Cook
  • Halfling Kindred
  • Halfling Apparition

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