Grenville is the brother of the First Overlord.

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

Lord Grenville is Lord Gromgard's older brother and an ally of
Royal Sibilings

Lady Gerda and Lord Grenville-Concept Art.

the elves in Overlord: Dark Legend. He planned to use the elves to seize control of the land, much like his sister Lady Gerda, allied herself with the Dwarves. However, his plans were foiled when Lord Gromgard killed the Elf King, making it seem as if it had been perpetrated by dwarves, whilst simultaneously framing the elves for the death of Widget. As a result, Grenville and Gerda seize control of their respective allies and wage war against each other until both, exhausted from the battles, return home in an attempt to claim their inheritance, only to be captured and subjugated by The Overlord, who sets them to work restoring Castle Gromgard to it's former glory.

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