"Goldo Golderson... Now there's a name that's just asking for trouble."— Gnarl about Goldo.

Goldo Golderson, son of the infamous Goldie Goldigger, is the former dwarf member of the Seven Heroes and ruler of the dwarven kingdom of Golden Hills. He represents the sin of greed.

History Edit

The Wizard told Goldo that he could have all the gold he ever wanted, since no one would deny him as a hero. His desire for wealth had taken over all other aspects of his life. His greed goes as far as to retrieve the expensive wedding gift he gave to Sir William after his wedding was called off. He also invaded the Evernight Forest to kidnap the elves and forced them to mine for more gold. According to Gnarl his mother is Goldie Golddigger (who favours older dwarves) and his cousin is Golden Goldeater (the dwarves do not like to talk about him).

Overlord Edit

He battles the player in his 'pet' steamroller called Rollie in the Royal Halls of the Golden Hills stronghold. Upon meeting Goldo, he retreats behind a door further into his stronghold, only to emerge in Rollie, and attacks the Overlord. After Rollie is destroyed, Goldo leaps out vulnerable to attack and when hit, also explodes. His crown and battle axe can be picked up afterwards. It should be noted that if you just stand near to Goldo after you defeat Rollie, he will swing his axe at you, but does little damage.

Later it is revealed that he is holding both a large haul of gold and the last of the elven women in a store room behind the area where he is battled.

Goldo Statue

The Majestic Golden Statue in The Golden Abyss.

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

He is punished by being encased in a large and thick layer of gold in the Golden Abyss and is ultimately defeated in Overlord: Raising Hell when the now demented dwarves pick at him to free the abyss stone trapped within him.

Goldo Golden Statue Torture

The imposing Goldo golden statue.

Goldo Golderson

Goldo's defeat.

Personality and Traits Edit

Goldo is greedy and around where Velvet is trapped you will hear that Goldo is trying to take back his wedding gift, you are told the same thing if you try to destroy Goldo before you destroy Sir William.


  • Goldo's personality and his sin, makes him similar to the J.R.R. Tolkien character Thrór, who was also a greedy Dwarf king. Its unknown if he was infact based on Thrór. 
  • Goldo is the only Hero who doesn't have any dialogue throughout Overlord.
  • A statue of the former Dwarf hero, and a brief description of his history is present in the Nethedeep in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

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