Fairy-CG Model

A Fairy CG Model,showing front and back view.

Fairies are small, fat humanoid creatures that mostly resemble winged, bloated elves.

Creatures such as the Bright/Dark Fairy, Wisps, and Queen Fay are also described as fairies. They can use Magic.

Biology and Traits Edit

Fairies have three-fingered, claw-like hands, two-toed feet and puggish features, with huge black eyes and tiny upturned noses. They are extremely pudgy (a common trait among any female creatures linked to light magic, and therefore, to the Mother Goddess), the most obvious trait of this being their large and very out there breasts, which are just barely covered with flowers. They also wear leaf-caps and leaf skirts- which don't cover anything, really. Their wings are also very leaf-like, and they have four of them; two fore-wings and two hind-wings. Being creatures of light magic, they are mostly found inside the Sanctuaries. They can also be found in the Empire Sewers, in the crates.

Although they do no damage themselves, fairies seem to be incredibly charming to the average Minion (it's the breasts, no joke), and a Minion sent to attack the flying nuisance will be compelled to follow the fairy around in a daze; an excellent opportunity for her to lead them into a waiting Flytrap. The charm can extend to up to five Minions. Fairies are easily cut down by the Overlord, which will break the spell.

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