OL2 Landscape Art Empire Heartland

Empire Heartland, art.

The Empire Heartland is the outskirts of Empire City, quite picturesque. It is up to the Overlord to find a way into the city, since the front gate is locked. This is where a Sedan Chair comes into the picture, providing tumultuous access to the Empire Sewers.

Objects Edit

Netherworld Objects Edit

World Objects Edit

Friendlies Edit

Enemies Edit

Quests Edit

Find a way into Empire City

  • Task 6: Get yourself a Sedan Chair
  • Task 7: Find a good location for the Netherworld Gate
  • Task 8: Get onto the main road
  • Task 9: Take down the Sentinel on the main road
  • Task 10: Destroy the Villa and take down Senator Drearius
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  • The Empire Heartland.
  • Imperial Galleons in the Empire Heartland.
  • Sheeps in the Empire Heartland.
  • The ruined gates of Empire City.
  • A map for the Empire Heartland.

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