Doris HD

Doris the Witch.

Doris The Witch

A battle with Doris on her broomstick.

Doris the Witch
is a character and one of the antagonists of Overlord: Dark Legend. She runs a candy factory, using the teeth of children to finance her business. In her sweets is the essence of the Blue Minions, causing the teeth of children that fall out to regrow infinitely. She sells them to the tooth fairy, who was having trouble collecting due to the rapid spread of dental hygiene. She is also secretly working with Gerda, giving her the gold to power the dwarven war effort, so she gets to keep the Blue Minion hive. When her broomstick is broken in a fight with the Overlord, she teleports away, planning to turn a prince into a frog, rather than be killed. To defeat her, use the muffin fireworks. She is also seen with Duke Gromgard in the end cutscenes and they are seen married.
Character Design

The Characters-Concept Art, showing Duke Gromgard, Rollick, Nym and Doris the Witch, near Nym.

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