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Difficulties Edit

On Overlord there is 2 difficulties

Normal: all the enemies are fairly weak feeble and not that dangerous this is meant suggested with beginners or not so confident players.

Legendary: all the enemies have 65% more health and more damage this is meant for players that have played normal loads of times and are really good at commanding and keeping themselves alive. Also health and Manner bottles have a effect -70% discount, meaning it is harder to re-heal and re-power yourself. This difficulty setting that is permanent can only be accessed when you have the Overlord raising hell expansion.

Gnarl Uncovers Edit

When Gnarl says: evil is as evil does" It could be relating to the legendary difficulty.

Normal Difficulty Edit

Enemies: 3% damage. Potions: 15% heal/manner to -+5%. Enemies: 55 health to 75 health.

Legendary Difficulty Edit

Enemies: 9% damage, Potions: 4% heal/manner to -+2% Enemies: 200 health to 275 health.

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