Citizens are simply people found throughout the World in the Overlord Series. Citizens are mostly found in Towns, villages and camps. Citizens are usually friendly and will not attack you, even if they are provoked. They will choose to run away in fear. Sending four Minions to them will stop them in their tracks.

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Female sacrifice for the Overlord.

In Overlord you can attack and kill citizens, which increases your level of evil. This obviously makes the citizens hate and fear you. They will present you with young lasses to be your servants, so that you may show them mercy. This is only possible in Overlord.

In Overlord II, you have the choice of dominating the citizens, making them your slaves. After you have made a citizen your slave, they will follow you and attack anyone that might try to harm you. When you free either Nordberg or Everlight from the Glorious Empire, you will have the choice of razing or dominating the town. Razing the town requires you to kill every citizen and destroy every house, while domination will require you to enslave every citizen. If you choose to enslave them, they will pick up different tasks and serve as your slaves. These tasks include: mining for gold, forging weapons and armour for your minions, breeding seals(Nordberg) and bartending(Everlight).

Here is a list, of where citizens can be found:

Overlord Edit


Spree peasant

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

Overlord II Edit

Tip: You need to break down house doors in Nordberg to find all villagers.
Tip: You need to break down the "entrance doorway" in Everlight to find all potential slaves.

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

Meadowsweet Town Villagers
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