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"Archie" or Archibaldamius Methuselah Wobbleboard the 3rd is the mayor of the village of Spree. He originates from the Ruborian Desert and owns a small inn in the center of the town called "The Happy Mule". He is one of the traitors who has betrayed the Third Overlord, when Spree is attacked by Kahn. If you don't give Spree's stolen food back, Archie will stop respawning if killed although he will still appear with the traitors in Spree.

  • Early Concept Art of Archie, showing him as blacksmith, and finally innkeeper.
  • Early Concept Artwork of Archie.

Overlord IIEdit

In Overlord 2, Archie is presumed to be dead, killed by the Overlord or died from the Magical Plague when the Tower Heart exploded. Altought, he could have escaped with some Spree survivors to help the rise of the Glorious Empire.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • He was originally meant to be blacksmith, but later he was changed to innkeeper.


  • "I thought, he was going to crush my poor inn."
  • I've seen many evil creatures.but you beat them all
  • thank you,i couldn't resist any longer listening to my stomach grumbling.come back to my inn anytime you want
  • "I think, there might be more innkeepers in Ruboria."
  • "You've stolen food from the mouth of babies... you hear me? Babies!
  • "You're welcome at the Happy Mule any time!

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